Doberman dog, beautiful pet

Truly, the Doberman is not for all people. In fact, it is not even for all dog lovers either. It really depends on the type of person you are, your personality and the type of life you lead. If you are far too busy at work, working unhealthily long hours into the night, then perhaps you are better off using a state of the art alarm system rather than relying on the previously tried and trusted guarding capabilities of the Doberman Pinscher. It may be an exceptionally good guard dog but does not particularly enjoy staying on its own at home all day long.

If you are a family man (or woman) then you are in an advantageous position. As a mother or father, you will have had more than enough experience with rearing and disciplining children in the correct way. Doing so similarly with your Doberman puppy will be significantly different in practice but requiring no less of the typical parental patience that goes with it. Like your young children, a young Doberman will always be asking for more. Yes, it will be asking, because you will have disciplined it to do so. When a new Doberman puppy enters a family home for the first time, I get so excited at the potential for it to enjoy its necessary tender love and care.

You’ll need to train your kids appropriately as well, because the Doberman is a rather sensitive creature and will not take kindly to any form of cruelty or physical harassment, whether intended or not. The thing about young Dobermans and young children is that they go well together. You know how easily distracted most young children get these days with attractions such as video games and visits to the mall (if they are old enough to do this with their friends). From an early age, you might want to instil in your children an appreciation for everything that is natural in this world. As I have mentioned in the past, perhaps the Doberman isn’t entirely a natural breed, but it is an animal nevertheless.

And this particular breed, whether it was accidental or by design in the beginning, has loads of love to give away. The Doberman is a social beast. It loves and thrives on playful company, making well-behaved and understanding children, also patient, the perfect playmates for it, and vice versa. But what about you, as its supreme commander, or mistress. What makes this dog ideal is that it is easy to train and has been prepared to be a follower, rather than a leader. The very mention of ‘come’ and your pet will probably be there in a flash.

The word ‘come’ and the jangle of its leash will excite it more. Because there’s nothing a Doberman loves more than being out and about with its master or mistress. The good thing about walking your dog at least twice a day is that it’s good for you too. The Doberman needs its exercise in any case, but so do you, perhaps even more so. Walking exercise with your dog does have a bit of good, physical strain, but it’s moderate at best. Telling me that you don’t have time to walk your dog daily is not even worth registering on the excuse scale.

Walking your Doberman daily, twice a day, is high priority. It should be an important highlight of your day. It will be something that it will be looking forward to all day long while you’re slaving away at work. Getting home safely in the evening and taking your Doberman before anything else should be something you’ll be looking forward to as well. Most of us, those of us that are active in any case, do have a tendency to indulge in a little light physical exertion after our evening meals. Make sure that you’ve fed your dog long before you’ve sat down to your evening meal. By the time you’re ready to take it out for another walk, its stomach will have settled down.

It is not ideal to encourage a young Doberman to physically exert itself so soon after it’s had a meal. Walking the dog is a traditional pastime for both man and dog. But what about other things of leisure? Taking your sporty Doberman to a dog-friendly park at least once a week will be a delight. Take the dog’s favourite ball or Frisbee along with you. Also allow it to mingle with other dogs in the park, but do watch it closely once you’ve let it go by unleashing it. Alas, there are those parks which strictly forbid dogs to walk or run about without a leash.

Like I said, take your good-natured and well-deserving Doberman to a dog friendly park. Today’s growing kids seem to want to spend less time with their boring parents. Not even a great camping trip over a weekend is enough to entice them to want to spend quality time with you. What a pity. Well, it’s their loss at the end of the day as they lose out on the opportunity to commune with nature and truly appreciate the essence and beauty of our natural surroundings. Oh, but wait, there is one child in your household who will be leaping with joy at the prospect of another camping trip.

Why, of course, it’s your loving Doberman. Being genetically disposed towards always being physically active and even emotionally stimulated, Dobermans love being outdoors. They will love the great outdoors, as it were, even more. Imagine their joys of new natural discoveries while never fully knowing what it may have been like to live and roam out in the wild. If you and your Doberman are that close and prepared to grunt it out healthily, you could even go in for the odd dog show or two. Getting ready for the affair will be a labour of love for both man and beast.