couple of amazing black dobermans

More fun on showmanship where Dobermans are concerned. I hope you enjoyed how the previous post turned out. This one is a little more personal. It goes all the way back in time when I was still young. Not too far back, mind you. If I’m not mistaken, I was already in high school, learning new things about many species, both flora and fauna. I was also making new discoveries about our past. Needless to say, both biology and history were two of my favourite subjects at school. Back then I thought Zeus and Apollo were two duty-bound and well-trained Dobermans, comical in the way they behaved sometimes but fearless in the way they raced after villains.

You know, years later as an adult, I still could not see the connection. Why would Robin Masters’ groundskeeper, one Mr Higgins want to name two lovable, dutiful and good-looking Dobermans, Zeus and Apollo? Did it have something to do with the man’s own readings of Greek mythology and was he inspired somewhat by the so-called Greek gods. Questions aside, as a young boy I used to roll across the living room carpet in laughter whenever Zeus and Apollo used to hound at break-neck speed after the TV show’s hero, Magnum, PI, played by the good-looking American actor, Tom Selleck.

This post now reaches an interesting juncture in which we could look to ourselves, those of us who are keeping dogs as pets, and wonder out aloud what inspires us to give the names we choose for our pets. As I recall, Higgins used to also refer to the two Dobermans as ‘the lads’, something I would do also. But they were really cute. Do any of you remember them? It was, however, a little disappointing after the dogs and Magnum became good friends, because by then there would be no more shenanigans and chasing about the large grounds of writer, Robin Masters.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the king of gods. He ruled from Mount Olympus. Apollo was one of his many children, also a god. Zeus, the supreme god, was married to Hera. As a god, Zeus had a bad reputation for his many illicit (sexual) relationships. In art, he was often depicted with a thunderbolt in his powerful fist, assuming a role of being in control of the weather, so to speak. Apollo was a more heroic god in the sense that he was responsible for a number of values which positively (or negatively) influence human life. Apollo was a master of poetry, medicine, truth and prophesies.

One profile description I found depicts Zeus and Apollo, the two TV Dobermans, that is, as being spoilt. I’m not sure I agree with that analogy. Yes, their keeper did pamper them well and feed and look after them well, but that’s how it ought to be. After all, here were two very well behaved guard and house dogs. How well they were treated at the end of each show was their just reward for being as duty-bound and loyal as these two were.

As always with TV shows featuring animals (this show having run for a number of years) at least a couple of trainers and several Dobermans were used. All of them had delightful names. There were two girls (and I thought Zeus and Apollo, the TV dogs, that is, were boys) named Hohea and Cola. There was one boy simply named Joe. There was even a tough-sounding Brutus. One name caught my attention, mind you. This was Dominique. It just happens to be my sister’s name as well.

I was horrified to learn that at some stage of the show, its producers wanted to write the adorable creatures out of the show. But fortunately, the show’s two other stars, Magnum and Higgins, convinced their producers that Zeus and Apollo just had to stay.