black doberman dog on a beach

Now, I am not suggesting that this task is going to be a difficult one. What I am suggesting is that you had better be prepared for the work that lies ahead of you. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing an unhappy master unable to tend to his dog’s needs. Nothing brings me more to tears than seeing a perfectly good dog’s life ruined and seeing it laying about miserably in its yard. Here, I’m talking about the lucky ones. Such dogs at least have a home to stay in.

The life of the Doberman is a precious one. If you take good and proper care of your Doberman pup from day one, your life will be special too. Learn to love the little animal then and you’ll have a special friend for life. There will, of course, be a few basic things you’ll need to take note of before you bring the dog into your home. Let’s run through these before we skedaddle. Most people incorrectly perceive that they are going to be richly rewarded and their home is going to be perfectly secure by keeping a Doberman Pinscher as a guard dog.

Well, partially, they are correct, but home and domestic security will be further enhanced if the dog is properly trained right from the beginning. It must be taught firmly, but quietly to obey all stringent commands. It must be taught to be perceptive and use its high intelligence well. Those dogs that others seem to fear, not just Dobermans, the aggressive ones, are usually indicative of poorly trained and sometimes even abused animals.

Dobermans are highly intelligent creatures. They are also quite sensitive. So, while you need to be firm in the manner that you instil discipline, you also need to remain calm. You also need to be patient, particularly when the young dog does not learn all that you are endeavouring to teach it in one go. That’s another thing; don’t try to overwhelm the young Doberman with too much in the beginning. Unlike other intelligent dog breeds, Dobermans take quite a while to mature.

Make sure that you begin your Doberman training at the earliest possible convenience. Enrol in puppy obedience classes. You’ll soon learn that the little one is very eager to please and there is nothing that will make it happier than to see its master smile too. Being the sensitive creatures that they are, do make a note that hitting the dog as part of its training is not part of the discipline repertoire. In fact, the debate is already a hot enough one and in many countries corporal punishment of (human) children is not even allowed.

The Doberman’s slow maturation process, you can expect, will be completed after about two years. So, imagine that. Imagine loving children this much. Imagine training and living with a full-grown puppy for two years. You’ve got to love the young ones to appreciate this. Also, on the side of patience, and while training your dog, don’t expect too much from it in the first year or two, although it must be said that if you’re fully following your own Doberman rule book, you’ll have gone quite far in any event.

Please make sure that the Doberman has plenty of opportunities to exercise. It’s an athletic dog and has a lot of stamina. Exercise and physical activity must be part of its daily life. You’ll have a living disaster on your hands if you neglect this dog’s needs and don’t take it out for at least two walks a day. The opposite to not enriching the dog’s life physically (and emotionally) will be boredom and nuisance-making. Make the most of your time with your Doberman because, genetically it will only live for ten to twelve years. Some have been known to age more quickly and then die earlier.