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In my last blog article, I went off at quite a tangent in an effort to include as much information as possible. I was endeavoring to focus more on the need to be more centered on feeding our dogs’ natural dog food instead of the processed varieties that we’ve all become far too fond and familiar with these days. Time and space has also been against us, I’m afraid to say, so here, once more, we are challenged. But never mind, I am quite sure that I’ll be given another opportunity to provide you with a fresh batch of interesting nutritional tidbits and news that you and your loving dog could use.

I had a format in mind, but my message seems to remain personal and anecdotal, I am afraid. So, do at least enjoy the message I am sharing with you today. Now, what did I want to say? Oh yes, it was this. I think we have all been guilty of this in the past. Never mind our pet’s health; we’ve all been far too focused on convenience and budgets. That selfish preoccupation led us to snapping up convenient parcels of processed foodstuffs for dogs and cats and simply zipping out the can opener and quickly emptying the contents of the tin, and there you go, dog fed and time for a little telly.

Folks, please, if you’re still practicing this nasty habit, please stop what you are doing and do come right in the best interests of your canine pet’s health. Let this article’s main message be simply health care advisories for you to take note of for the near to long-term healthy future of your Doberman, Poodle, Cocker Spaniel or Jack Russell. Truly, folks, consider the implications not just for your little fragile canine pet, but for you as well. Just like you when you start to get older after not taking good care of yourself over the years, your poor old dog might need regular trips to the vet.

All that will add up and you’ll then see just how frightfully expensive it can be to sacrifice your dog’s health in favor of your own selfish convenience. And even more worryingly is the fact that the poor domestic pet’s welfare is left entirely in your good and trusted hands. That’s why your dog dotes on you the way that it does. It trusts you implicitly. It’s not like the give and take and domestic tussles between you and your cat, if you have one, it’s more a case of the dog doing its duty around the house and, to that end, it should be paid in kind.

By the time feeding time has arrived and the old boy hasn’t been fed, it does not automatically down its tools like us humans tend to do when we’re not getting our way. Some dogs do pine, and boy, can these ones make an unpleasant sounding noise. Don’t deprive your pet canine of its legislated animal rights. Look after it as has been advised time and time again within the confines of the law, the animal rights advocates and your best nutritional and veterinary advisers, all of which are available online just in case you’re wondering.

Another tangent, but a necessary one, is drawing to a close. Perhaps I could leave you with this advisory. Feed your dog natural and de-boned cuts of chicken and lamb instead of beef. It has less fat and bacterial content within it and, as it turns out, is by far healthier than beef.