Dog Shows


couple of amazing black dobermans


More fun on showmanship where Dobermans are concerned. I hope you enjoyed how the previous post turned out. This one is a little more personal. It goes all the way back in time when I was still young. Not too far back, mind you. If I’m not mistaken, I was already in high school, learning new things about many species, both flora and fauna. I was also making new discoveries about our past. Needless to say, both biology and history were two of my favourite subjects at school. Back then I thought Zeus and Apollo were two duty-bound and well-trained Dobermans, comical in the way they behaved sometimes but fearless in the way they raced after villains. Read more


two black dobermans are laying on the grass


When you think with what relative ease Dobermans slip into their various roles during a typical country dog show, you might be forgiven for thinking that inherent in their personalities is the happy desire to show off. On a more objective level, you might also note that perhaps the Doberman species is more outgoing and daring, raring to go and full of bravado, in comparison to say, a Mastiff which is ironically quite a sociable beast. Not all Dobermans, it depends on their owners really, yelp for no good reason, but I can’t help wondering whether they do this sometimes just for the attention. Read more