Simply put, this blog is for all animal lovers. It is for those who love everything about animals, wild animals and those kept in the home too. Specifically, this blog has been designed in a way to appeal to those of you who have a particular fondness for the canine species. This particular blog will be focusing on the majestic species of the Doberman Pinschers, to give it its full name. While it will never be assumed that only knowledgeable dog handlers will be reading this blog, it will never be pretentious in the sense that it claims to know all there is to know about Dobermans.

The blog is essentially a personal one. So every new discovery will be shared in equal delight with those also making new discoveries on this fine breed. As readers well know, to use a well-worn cliché; the internet is awash with information. This blog attempts to steer a little off the beaten track by way of digging for a new bone or two. It will be scratching its way towards something original or eye-catching to say about Dobermans. If it can’t always in a single post, then it will be sharing with readers personal anecdotes on Dobermans.

It should go without saying that this particular dog handler is particularly fond of Dobermans. So that sentiment should shine through from time to time. It is also hoped that Doberman fanatics will climb on board and join the conversation (yes, I know, yet another cliché, but how else to put it). By now, readers know what to do. Without further ado and before this ABOUT Page is closed, let’s chat a little about the first batch of posts likely to be published. These are based on early themes and thoughts I had in mind long before I was approached to start up this blog.

They were surreptitious thoughts at best, but as time wore on, my interest and discoveries on this fine species grew. The first post might be talking a little bit about those early thoughts. The next post should be concretised as an introductory post for those readers completely in the woods where Dobermans are concerned. Following that, I have an intriguing question I’d like to explore with you. Then we might be leading you on in an entertaining sort of way, but nevertheless, still seriously talking about the subject of Dobermans.

Let’s have a chat about these dogs as show dogs. More questions beckon, but this time towards the readers. Have any of you seen these dogs in the movies, and what are your impressions on how they’ve often been portrayed. I’ll be sharing with you one entertaining episode or two I’ve had with Dobermans on the small screen. Then it’s time to get a little instructional, talking about how the animals should be treated domestically as pets. There will be some informational notes on how Dobermans should be fed and how they should be groomed.

There’s also inspiration to look forward to, such as the history of the Doberman and the things you can do with your favourite domestic pet. That’s about the gist of it for now. Who knows what follows next? It also depends on you and how much we can be inspired by your own contributions.