A small bowl of dog food spilling onto a white desk

Right guys, I’m going to jump straight into the frying pan with a few great homemade dog food recipes to try out. I need to get a move on because Fido here is sitting right beside me. His mouth is watering as we speak. He’s a wise old chap because he knows I’m going to be dishing you lot up with two of his favorite homemade dog treats. These are dinner treats, the main meal of the day. The real deal, as Fido would say.

Only it’s not meat as such. Fido and most dogs don’t mind because inasmuch as they love their beefy meat, they’re also in love with regular servings of poultry. These, however, must be free range. This keeps your dog healthy and his intestines and digestive system free of artificial hormones, sodium-enriched preservatives and the bacteria that usually comes along with battery kept chickens. Free range alternatives, chickens and turkeys are fed with natural grains, so these healthy meals go straight on into the dogs’ tummies.

These poultry meals are the following. So enjoy your reading. Then enjoy your cooking. And then enjoy your pal having a hearty meal and a half. But do not overload on the portions. Remember his weight and his size.

Turkey with vegetables

Turkey has far less fat than beef. So you see its already smelling quite healthy. It also has loads of vitamins and minerals. This recipe is perfect for you struggling your weight with overweight dogs at this time. Along with the turkey, bring in two cups of brown rice, a cup of diced carrots and a cup of green beans. Add to that four cups of water and a dash of fish oil.

You cook your turkey in a pan over medium heat until it’s been cooked through. Then you reduce your heat and cook for another fifteen minutes or so with the brown rice added. After the rice is soft, you add in the veggies and cook the lot for another ten minutes, on low heat, of course. Allow this delicious dinner to cool sufficiently before feeding it to your best pal.

Chicken Licken

This is another good source of protein enrichment for your dog. The added veggies, all good with its own mix of minerals and vitamins, will be adding more flavor this time around. This lot is good for your dog’s intestine. You only need four chicken breasts, half a cup each of green beans, carrots and broccoli. And then there’s half a cup of rolled oats and four cups of chicken stock.

Make sure you remove all excess fat from the chicken. Then cut the breasts into small, like, tiny chunks. Remember, your little dog is going to be eating the chicken, not you. The cooking process is quite similar to that of the above turkey. After that, add in the rest of the ingredients with the chicken stock in a pot and cook for about fifteen minutes at a low to medium heat.

And like the gourmet turkey treat, do make sure that this pot cools off nicely before feeding the chicken and vegetable dish to your favorite friend. As in the case of being mindful of correct portions, always make sure that dogs’ homemade meals are served at the correct temperature. Just like Goldilocks, back in the day, neither hot, nor cold. Just right. Don’t be surprised if your fuzzy friend takes his time over these meals. He won’t be wanting dinner time to end any day soon.